Comparison of Civil Law Cases to Criminal Law Cases

Comparison of Civil Law

This is a brief comparison of civil law and contract law. This text provides an accessible introduction to this complex law of contract. The headings selected for comparison clarify the key points in the life of a contract – from its conception, drafting, execution, and thereafter termination. The law text compares the major features of civil and contract law. Continue reading

Understanding Legal Agreement

Legal agreement

Some terms you should know about Legal Agreement is the following: An arrangement is an agreement or contract between two or more people. There are different types of arrangements made in different industries. Examples of Legal Agreement in a simple sentence Vendor must respond in a timely way; he/she must diagnose, analyze and resolve issue/problems related to online shopping services according to the SLAs (Service-level agreements / merchant legal agreement). The basic idea behind all these arrangements is to protect the interests of one party and to provide a solution to another party’s problem. These arrangements also help in better communication. Continue reading